The government of Peru withdrew its ambassador from Chile

The government of Peru withdrew its ambassador from Chile -

The diplomatic tension between Peru and Chile following the complaint espionage which are being investigated three NCOs Navy Peruvian formulated by the government of Ollanta Humala , rose today with the decision of Lima removing its ambassador to Chile as "the satisfactions of the case" are not met, reported the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

the Chilean government said that it is "a sovereign decision" Peru that will not comment, and announced that he will answer the diplomatic note reserved manner, "as appropriate".

the withdrawal of the ambassador "is a matter that belongs exclusively to Peru. it is a sovereign decision, so we will not comment on decisions of other countries nor accept that discuss other sovereign decisions of our country, "he told reporters Chilean Foreign Minister Heraldo Muñoz.

portfolio Peruvian foreign delivered a diplomatic note to Chile reiterating his "firm rejection and deep concern for the actions of espionage Chile against national security", which adds the text, are " duly accredited. "

According to diplomatic communication, Peru considers that these activities, which are involved Peruvian military and Chileans are acts that" are not consistent with the spirit of collaboration and good neighborliness that should guide relations between the two countries. "

Peru reiterated that such actions are" duly accredited "and submitted additional information in respect of which was provided in the diplomatic note February 20.

also considered it "urgent" receive a prompt reply containing the results of the internal investigation being carried out in Chile, and the assurances that not bugged be repeated.

"Pending the satisfaction of the case are given, we will proceed to the withdrawal of the ambassador of Peru in Santiago de Chile," said the official statement Peruvian Foreign Ministry.

the Peruvian Foreign Ministry said last Tuesday he had received the Chilean response through diplomatic channels, to the protest note sent on February 20 and generated besides the call to query the Peruvian ambassador in Santiago.

in the diplomatic note, Peru asked the Chilean government to investigate the alleged espionage case attributed to three non-commissioned officers of the Navy of Peru send confidential information to military alleged Chilean

according to preliminary investigations, Peruvian noncommissioned officers were captured in 2011 and 06 by military alleged Chilean those who gave classified information.

Media local reported yesterday that one of the NCOs involved in the case identified a captain of the Chilean corvette as one of the people who gave information.

in turn, the Chilean foreign minister said his country "has remained a sober and serene attitude against Peru, "and confirmed the receipt of a new diplomatic note sent from Lima

." we're going to respond accordingly, through diplomatic channels; we will not comment on the content of those notes because they are confidential, "he added.
" In time, properly, we will respond, I can not say when, but analyze the contents of the note sent to us by Peru, it has been delivered to our business manager last night and promptly will answer by the diplomatic channel. "

the Muñoz foreign minister also reiterated that the Chilean government" does not accept, performs or covers actions espionage in other countries nor in ours "and insisted that the strategic purpose of relations with Peru" is seeking to maintain the good level of relations we have been building. "

" the notes (diplomatic) are through official channels respond not by the press, "the head of the Chilean diplomacy at the insistence of journalists

. Source: Telam

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