Francisco is already in Paraguay, the last stop of his tour

Francisco is already in Paraguay, the last stop of his tour -

Pope Francisco landed at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport Asuncion 10 minutes before the 15 (16 of Argentina) aboard an Alitalia plane that brought him from Bolivia to visit the last of the three countries of his South American tour.

at the airport was received by Paraguayan President Horacio Cartés , along with other government officials and representatives of the Church.

before flying from Bolivia, the pontiff was fired by President Evo Morales as part of a brief ceremony at the Airport Viru Viru, which included a performance by the band of the presidential guard, the Regiment Colorados of Bolivia, and the exchange of presents.

on its way to the aircraft, the Pope greeted the hundreds of people who came to the airport terminal to greet him, especially stopping at children and people with disabilities.

the expectation of Argentine faithful

a total of 189,802 people crossed on 8 and 9 July from Argentina to Paraguay to see the pope Francisco, the National Directorate of Migration.

at the border of the passage of Clorinda, in the province of Formosa, a lot of vehicles thronged to process the permit to enter the neighboring country.

the same happened at the office of Incarnation, border Posadas, Misiones, where he could also watch many people with banners and flags across the iconic bridge.

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