Barack Obama said the deal with Iran avoid war

Barack Obama said the deal with Iran avoid war -

President United States Barack Obama , emphatically defended the "historic with Iran "nuclear agreement and said the pact was the only way to avoid a war with Iran and an arms race in the Middle East, amid fresh criticism of the Republican opposition and Israel.

One day after Iran, the United States and five other powers announced the agreement reached in Vienna after 18 months of negotiations, Obama said his country was at an almost unique "fundamental choice" about whether to take the opportunity, in life, to resolve 13 years of nuclear dispute with Tehran.

the tight defense agreement, considered the greatest achievement in foreign policy Democratic president, seemed addressed directly to Congress, which is dominated by Republicans and where opposition lawmakers are discussing laws to try to prevent the implementation of the pact.

"I hope that the debate is robust, and that is as it should be," said Obama, who urged skeptical lawmakers on according to "remember the alternative" to the covenant and be "based on facts, not politics."

Israel, the great questioner

Despite the vehement exhortation President, critics of the agreement, including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu , raised even more the tone of their questions today.

in a speech to the national parliament, Netanyahu stressed that Israel is not bound by the agreement and indicated that his country could still decide to use military force against Iran's nuclear facilities even if the agreement progresses and applied.

"We reserve our right to defend ourselves against our enemies," Netanyahu said.

"We have strength, and is large and powerful," said the premier was quoted by the news network BBC .

under the agreement, the Iranian nuclear program will be restricted in scope and dimensions and closely monitored by the atomic watchdog UN (IAEA), in an attempt to ensure that the Islamic Republic does not you can develop a nuclear weapon.

in return, the powers gradually lifted sanctions imposed on Iran, unlocking billions of dollars in revenue and assets frozen in banks worldwide Iranian-and allowing Western companies to resume juicy business and operative in the Islamic Republic -.

the German deputy foreign minister, Sigmar Gabriel, announced today that next Sunday will travel to Iran at the head of a delegation of businessmen, while the UK said evaluating reopen its embassy in Tehran before the end of the year, after having been closed in 2011 after a protest against British sanctions.

Obama, who answered questions from reporters in the East Room of the White House, said, without an agreement, the set of sanctions forcing Iran to negotiate would have fallen apart, and the international community have been unable to return to put into force

. Source: Telam

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