Isychos Costas: "Tsipras was blackmailed by creditors"

Isychos Costas: "Tsipras was blackmailed by creditors" -

Following the resignation of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras , the Hellenic country again suffering a political and institutional shakeup in the context of the economic crisis afflicting years.

through a televised statement, the leader of Syriza , who had assumed in January past, resigned and called elections anticipated for September manner.

regard Radio Universidad spoke to Costas Isychos, deputy leader and former defense minister party, to investigate . on the complex situation being experienced by the European country after a massive popular rejection of the financial ransom and the decision to Tsipras to accept

"the prime minister had a dilemma: be in favor of his plan, of your project, with the support of the vast majority of the Greek people; or try to be blackmailed by creditors thing happened, "said exaliado Tsipras program Nothing fancy .

" The resignation is because the government of Alexis Tsipras unfortunately could not fulfill its pre-election promises to give a way out of this impasse are tuning packages, so-called bailouts, austerity policies and ultraliberal policies creditors coming from Berlin ", listed Greek official born in Argentina.

Costas Isychos is one of the MPs who broke away from the block that formed Syriza, to form starting today a new group of 25 deputies belonging to the wing's left of that force policy "Popular Unity" will be called.

"in this difficult time, lost (Tsipras) most of its parliamentary bloc, where nearly 40 deputies did not vote in favor of this new package number 3 and received the support of traditional right-wing parties and the social-democracy, "he told University.

According Kostas this new block that integrates" represents the pre-election program of Syriza "and said that will be presented with own candidates in all . the country in the elections next month

the leader is confident that Popular Unity will have the support of those Greeks who rejected the settings in the last referendum with more than 60 percent: "This large percentage was orphaned without political agenda that then represents the change so fast in the leadership of the prime minister. "

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