Nigeria: suicide bombers killed 29 people cause

Nigeria: suicide bombers killed 29 people cause -

Three young suicide bombers killed at least 29 people and wounded 60 in two attacks in bus stations in Northeast Nigeria , a region ravaged by the attacks of Boko Haram and the Islamists seek to establish a caliphate extending to other African countries.
the first attack occurred in Potiskum, the commercial capital of the northern state Yobe, when a suicide bomber detonated explosives near a minibus station local groups, killing 17 people and wounding nearly 30, security officials, witnesses and medical sources.
Hours later, two suicide bombers killed at least 12 more people by blowing up explosives in a station bus, this time in Kano, Capial namesake northern state, an explosion also caused a fire, officials said the local emergency services.
fire trucks and ambulances rushed to the scene of the attack in Kano, the second largest city in Nigeria and a frequent target of attacks by Boko Haram, which do not give sign of respite less than five weeks before the elections.
Commissioner police state of Kano, Ibrahim Idris, said that, not counting the attackers, at least 12 people died in the attack, but did not specify how many people were injured.
But sources emergency services told reporters Local precisely the newspaper Premium Times, at least 30 injured were rushed to hospital, he reported the news agency EFE.
Although no official claim of the attacks, all suspicion falls on Boko Haram, which in recent months has attempted on several occasions in public places in Kano and Potiskum.
last Sunday, a girl about 10 years blew himself up in a popular market Potiskum and killed at least five people .
witnesses quoted by local media said the three perpetrators of today's attacks were teenagers.
in the case of the attack in Kano, young people were like 17 or 18 years, witnesses said.
on the attack in Potiskum, the bus driver Adamu Isa said a security guard stopped the teenager after he blew a metal detector when passengers boarded the bus at the station Tashar Dan-Borno, just outside the city.
"I was told to wait on the side, but ran into the group and flew through the air," Isa said in remarks to the Nigerian daily the Vanguard.
Fuentes local hospital Potiskum said the center received 17 dead and 27 wounded.
it is estimated that some 13,000 people have died since 09 as a result of armed campaign Boko Haram to create an ultra-conservative Islamic state in northern Nigeria, richest area predominantly Muslim country and populated in Africa.
in recent weeks, the Islamist group has expanded its attacks on neighboring countries, raising fears of greater regional crisis.
Today in Niger, a mine planted by insurgents killed two soldiers and wounded four others in the region of Diffa, which borders Yobe.
This month, Niger to the joint military force comprising Cameroon, Chad and Nigeria to fight Boko Haram added, and many expect the Islamists undertake reprisals border.
the Nigerian authorities have expressed hope that the offensive of the four nations may contain violence before the elections on March 28, which were scheduled for February 14 but six weeks delayed due to Islamist violence in the northeast of the country

. Source: Telam

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