Foreign exchange earnings in Brazil amounted to US $ 2 million

Foreign exchange earnings in Brazil amounted to US $ 2 million -

foreign exchange earnings in Brazil was two billion dollars in March, which it involved an increase of 75 percent from February, driven more by high interest rates in the financial market that trade flows.

the Central Bank reported that liquid foreign exchange earnings in March reached 2 billion dollars against 1.140 million in February, while the early days there was an outflow of 807 million.

in the full year entered Brazil 3.950 billion, representing an increase of 203 percent compared to the same period of 2014, when they entered 1.300 billion, according to the report of the monetary authority, released by the diaro O Globo .

the higher income March was not driven by the influence of so-called exchange flow, which, in theory, a more advantageous price motivate exporters to bring resources from abroad, and, on the other hand, the export sector recorded an output of 71 million dollars.

According to the analysis, the large inflow of foreign exchange was channeled to the financial market, which posted revenues of 2,077 million dollars, attracted by high interest rates and the dollar.

Source: Telam

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