Violent incidents at the opening of the Exhibition of Milan

Violent incidents at the opening of the Exhibition of Milan -

Protesters contrary to Expo Milan 2015, which began this afternoon in the Italian city, caused riots in the historic center and held violent clashes with police that left dozens of burned cars and numerous broken shop windows.
incidents generated the reaction of local and national authorities called "isolate and punish" the "idiots violent" , causing "chaos" that marred the day.
Just hours after the first Italian ministers, Matteo Renzi, let inaugurated the exhibition, which will run until 31 October, groups of demonstrators opposed to the Exhibition and -enrolados in the so-called "Black Block", threw stones and Molotov cocktails at downtown businesses, around Via De Amicis, in the center of Milan, under the slogan "No Expo".
Cars set on fire, broken windows and dozens of demonstrators wearing hoods repeating anti-globalization slogans were part of the "fury that devastated Milan", as described by this afternoon the site of the newspaper La Repubblica, which forced the police to deploy 2,0 riot police, said Corriere della Sera, the who were 11 wounded to end the unrest.
Despite operating prevention had announced the Italian Interior Minister with more than 3,700 troops to protect some 40 sensitive targets in Milan, then continuing with the outrages through the downtown streets, they began throwing stones and firecrackers at police in Magenta street.
the local television broadcast live images of the destruction caused by overturned pots, painted walls, doors and burst and numerous vehicles on fire windows.
"I condemn violence against an event that aims to feed the world, the fight against hunger and malnutrition and a world order based on greater equity between rich countries and countries in development," said this afternoon the President Italy, Sergio postmarks, in a statement issued by the presidency.
Postmarks condemned "violence" of the demonstrators opposed to the Expo Milan and asked that "those responsible are brought to justice as soon as possible."
" the true face of Milan is good and noble. The message of the work, pride and values ​​from the Expo can not be and will not be insulted by violent and these cowardly hooded "condemned the Italian President.
While the mayor of Milan, Giuliano Pisapia said that mobilize immediately "all forces to clean and fix as soon as the areas affected" by the riots, produced by the "Black Block" group, opponent of Milan Expo 2015.
"isolate, identify, and punish criminals uncomplainingly plaguing Milan "launched the mayor of Milan, who said that the show scheduled for tonight at the Scala central Milan will be held to culminate with the inauguration of the Expo, which will run until October 31.
" idiots violent "defined them turn the president of the Lombardy region, Roberto Maroni," that only need to go to jail, "he said in remarks picked up the RAI, while also the mayor of Rome, Ignazio Marino, he conveyed his "solidarity" with the northern city, which by midafternoon had not confirmed the number of arrests following the riots.
Some of the masked men, police from different countries, then moved to the vicinity of the railway station Cadorna, whose entrances were shielded by police, while continuing tension in the area.
According to police estimates released by the Italian channels, about 100 people participated in the incident in the center of Milan, which included and painted stones against windows of businesses such as banks and fast food Americans, in addition to attacks on police

. Source: Telam

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