Bachelet: "The crisis will allow background correction"

Bachelet: "The crisis will allow background correction" -

Chilean President Michelle Bachelet said that the current crisis facing his government, which reflected in the low approval of both management and of the parties with parliamentary representation, it is an opportunity to "take charge and make corrections background," as do "serious countries" and dismissed the rumors about his resignation.

to Bachelet "this crisis is a tremendous opportunity to move forward on those elements, loopholes or institutional strengthening to prevent such situations from happening again," because "in the past corrections were made, but were timid, not arm the system all conditions facing a situation of this nature. "

the president, who held a meeting with foreign correspondents Palacio de la Moneda also noted that the crisis is an opportunity to sincerar things "as the behavior of some companies that have some practice or former parliamentarians who have recognized that they have asked for help to companies to finance their campaign."

"the problem is not is to ask for help, because the Electoral Service (Servel) has the legal mechanism for contributions are made, but are using other mechanisms, "said Bachelet.

During contact with the press the president also he referred to versions of a possible resigns. "I have not thought of giving up or intend to do, on the contrary I will continue working for the country," he said, noting that it would be an institutional breakdown.

On this point, he expressed concern at the role they have had the media in the development of the crisis saying that "we tell the truth, but at least check what is being said."

the president also referred to the facts of corruption that took state public in recent months. "There may be corruption in the country, but it is not widespread. Not everyone is corrupt. But there is a sort of culture of distrust, where for people all are corrupt and that's not true," he said.

Regarding the case Caval, where his son, Sebastian Davalos, was involved in a millionaire credit for the purchase of some land in the town of Machalí, the President said that "there is an ongoing investigation and in fact my daughter at this time is declaring and I called my son and asked if declared on Wednesday and he tells me he never cited. But I preferred pronunciarme once the investigation is complete. "

About the deep committed reforms during his presidential campaign, Michelle Bachelet did not hesitate to say that "all have to be done, despite natural disasters, pending reconstructions and forest fires, tasks are important," and said that "we will move forward to ensure that the agreements we have taken with Chilean citizens let's get fulfilled. "

highlighted among these reforms educational," because your changes will not be noticed tomorrow but long term, "but said that some of them will note 2016, when a significant percentage of students will have free education.

regarding reforms, also spoke about the new Constitution. "We are defining when we will, how to explain to people what it means to have a new constitution. Because for them, for normal people is a distant subject, since from the dictatorship, allowed to make civic education in schools".

"We want to do a job for citizen participation, explain what it means, what is the degree of understanding of the matter and what is the degree of interest that our compatriots," added the president.

in this regard, he said he is convinced that also from the problems of recent times "there is interest in having a new Letter Fundamental because it can also be an element that would help generate some agreement to recover essential, the confidence of citizens and then can be a great opportunity. "

on the position of Chile against the decree of US rate Venezuela as a" threat "to their safety inside, the president said Chile was part of the statement rejecting the decree made by the Union of South American Nations (Unasur). "We have a double standard, we will continue with the same position to say what we think but we will also work to bring the parties."

Finally, the president referred to the catastrophe by floods in the north of the country and said that rebuilding the affected areas will cost "at least 1,500 million, because the affected group is much larger than the fire in Valparaiso and the earthquake Norte Grande".

This cost , he stressed, will be financed by taxes generated from the Copper Law and budgets between now and 2018.

Source: Telam

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