Obama: if the deal with Iran is not approved there will be war

Obama: if the deal with Iran is not approved there will be war -

President of United States Barack Obama said that if the Congress his country rejects nuclear deal with Iran , Washington faces a new war in Middle East in a speech in which he also criticized the decision members of Congress to support the Iraq war in 02.

on 14 July, Iran reached an agreement in Vienna on its nuclear program with the so-called Group 5 + 1 (US, Russia, China, United Britain, France and Germany) after long negotiations.

Obama described the debate in Congress on the agreement as the most important facing legislators on a foreign policy issue since the US legislature authorized the war in Iraq in 02.

according to the present occupant of the White House, the same congressmen who once supported the war now oppose the nuclear deal with Iran.

that invasion, Obama raised only benefited Iran, and the United States is paying the price for that mistake and its "consequences" ten years later.

These legislators, he said, are wrong to think that the deal with the Middle Eastern country was a " historical error ".

As part of its campaign to secure congressional support agreement, lawmakers from both parties criticized bitterly, Obama said that" every country in the world that publicly expressed on the agreement supported him, except the government of Israel, "according to the chain CNN .

" the pact with Iran is the agreement not stronger proliferation ever negotiated, "he argued Obama, who said" any benefit you take is Iran lifting of sanctions pales against ending the threat of an Iranian nuclear bomb. "

" Any parliamentary rejection of this agreement presents us with a new war in the Middle East, "he said, adding dramatize his approach, which this time had an audience of about 0 people.

"the military budget of Iran is the eighth of our Gulf allies combined," Obama said, to gauge the threat posed in his view, Islamic state.

to enter into force, the agreement reached in Vienna on July 14 must be approved by the US Congress and the parliaments of other countries

signatories of the pact, recalled EFE news agency. lawmakers could only cancel US participation in the agreement if two-thirds majority in both houses of Congress vote in that sense, something that would invalidate the veto that Obama has promised to impose any legislation against the pact

. Source: Telam

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