Obama asked to withdraw to Cuba of sponsoring terrorism

Obama asked to withdraw to Cuba of sponsoring terrorism -

The US President Barack Obama , she warned Tuesday the Congress of its intention to withdraw Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in that country remains since 1982 and involved the imposition of sanctions.

"Today the president sent Congress the report and required certifications indicating the intention of Administration to rescind the designation of Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, "he said spokesman for the White House, Josh Earnest, in a statement.

Cuba claims for years its output that list drawn up annually by the State Department, which involves the imposition of sanctions as a ban on arms sales and financial aid and which currently shares space only with Iran, Sudan and Syria.

the Congress now has 45 days to study Obama's decision and, in case of disagreement, may submit a bill to try to revoke the president's opinion.

Obama's decision comes just three days after his historic meeting with President of Cuba, Raul Castro, during the seventh Summit of the Americas in Panama, in a new step towards normalization of bilateral relations announced on 17 December.

in his message to Congress, Obama certifies that the Government of Cuba "has not provided any support for international terrorism during the last six months" and expressed "assurances that they will not support acts of international terrorism in the future."

Obama made the decision after receiving a recommendation from his secretary of State, John Kerry, who celebrated the president's decision today.

"circumstances have changed since 1982, when Cuba was initially designated as state sponsor of terrorism because of its efforts to promote armed revolution in Latin America, "Kerry said in a statement.

the reasons for the United States to maintain up to now Cuba on the list were his host alleged members of the Basque terrorist organization ETA and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), in addition to some fugitives from US justice.

"Although the United States has had and continues to have significant concerns and disagreements with a wide range of policies and actions of Cuba, those concerns and disagreements do not fall within the criteria for designation as a state sponsor of terrorism, "Kerry said.

the review made Kerry included contributions from the intelligence community American on the activities of Cuba and "guarantees provided by the Cuban government," said Earnest.

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