The Security Council meets urge Yemen

The Security Council meets urge Yemen -

Today emergency meets the United Nations Security Council . The meeting will be held behind closed doors. The delegation of Lithuania, who will chair the organ in May, announced that the meeting will be held behind closed doors.

According had advanced the Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon is submitted to the Security Council a proposal that had made the organization sent to Yemen. However, the meeting becomes more relevant after yesterday transcended a video where militants of the Islamic State are shown beheading more than a dozen Yemenis.

Two weeks ago, the UN official had expressed support the suspension of bombing by the Saudi Arabia. "In this regard, I have already expressed my deep appreciation to His Majesty, King Salman, for their generous donation of $ 274 million the UN requested for emergency humanitarian aid," Ban said.

the country located south of the Arabian peninsula is going through a strong internal crisis. Some voices and Rating civil war.

The conflict that led to the current situation unfolded in the framework of the so-called Arab Spring in 2012. But late last year, fighting increased in intensity. Houzíes rebel militias (Muslims from Shiite branch), managed to impose its control over the country's northwest.

This progress included the capital Sanna. At that time, in the absence of security guarantees by the Yemeni government, all embassies were closed, including the diplomatic mission of the United Nations. (See: "Persist bombing in Yemen and the UN withdrew its staff")

Since that time, Yemen has entered a stage of permanent political instability. Suspected rebels who profess Shiite Islam, would be getting an informal supply by Iran (with the same religious base).

This support would have motivated the entry of Saudi Arabia, whose government professes Islam Sunni like his Yemeni par. In between, heaping, entered the scene other belligerent actors. Al Qaeda and the Islamic State

According to the World Health Organization, the death toll over 1,0 people in the last six weeks .

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