Publican photo of Queen Elizabeth II giving the Nazi salute

Publican photo of Queen Elizabeth II giving the Nazi salute -

The publication of a photo of Queen Isabel II when I was a kid doing the Nazi salute has generated controversy in UK and has aroused uneasiness in the palace of Buckingman , which he described as "disappointing" the publication of the newspaper the Sun.

the image, illustrating the cover of today's British tabloid, he was apparently taken in 1933 in the grounds of Balmoral castle in Scotland, and she the queen, who was then seven years appears, with his mother, Isabel; her sister, Princess Margaret, and his uncle, Prince Edward.

The photo was taken from a video recorded in summer when the family spent the holidays, and tape the queen mother also makes the Nazi salute , although it is unknown how the newspaper had access to the filming of 17 seconds duration.

Following the publication, a spokesman for Buckingham palace said today that it is "disappointing that a film, taken eight decades ago and apparently the personal file of the family of His Majesty, was obtained and exploited in this way, "the agency EFE .

in the images they see little princesses play and dance in the garden with a dog and also sees his uncle, then prince of Wales who later became king Edward VIII.

"Many people see these images at the appropriate time and context. This is a family playing and for a moment by referencing a gesture that many would have seen on the news, "said spokesman Buckingham palace.

" No one at that time had no idea how to evolve (Nazism). Imply anything else is deceptive and dishonest, "stressed the spokesman, adding that the service of the Queen and her dedication to the welfare of the country during the Second World War and the 63 years that has built" relationships between countries and people speak for themselves. "

the UK feels great admiration for the father of Isabel II, king George VI, because during World War II decided not to leave London during the Nazi bombings and opted to stay in the capital with his family.

But the figure of Edward VIII is highly controversial because of the apparent sympathy with Adolf Hitler, with which even had a meeting in Munich in 1937, two years before the beginning of the war .

Meanwhile, the British tabloid has defended the publication of the images in asserting that are of historical significance.

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