Tuesday is the deadline for Greece to pay the IMF

Tuesday is the deadline for Greece to pay the IMF -

Tuesday is the deadline for which Greece pay the 1,0 million euros owed to International Monetary Fund (IMF) .

also this June 30 expires the extension for the second "bailout" for Greece, so if there is an agreement between Athens and its creditors , the country will face a complex economic scenario.

In 2010, the European Union (EU) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) granted Greece a package of "rescue" of more than 240 billion euros to finance its economy . This in exchange for a series of austerity policies that, far from benefiting the stability of the country, hurt. Fall 25% of GDP, 26% unemployment, 52% youth unemployment (the highest in Europe and three times higher than the previous index austerity measures), 45% of poor pensioners and 40 % of children under the poverty line.

in the facts, with credits to be granted to deal with old loans therefore not liquidating capital, but which you have been in a process of obtaining loans to pay loans. Far from diminishing, the amount of debt experienced an exponential growth linked to the fact that the country was worse qualified by international organizations, prompting each loan have maturities shorter-term and higher interest rates .


the Greek government under the management of Syriza reiterated once again that they do not have the funds to pay the debt, unless an agreement with creditors is reached to unlock 7,0 frozen million during the negotiation of both parties by the conditions required to Athens for help.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, calls for them to establish minimum measures for the economy is restored and re-enter a growth process. However l he creditors maintain their rejection of the proposals of Greece arguing that rely too much on taxes and too little on spending cuts.

The Deputy Minister Greek Finance, Nadia Valavani, proposed another option. That European Central Bank (ECB) to pay the 1,800 million euros owed to the Hellenic country in respect of the benefits of Greek bonds in 2014. P o this would not require a new agreement with the institutions (European Commission, ECB, IMF), because it is part of the bailout program in force.


In this context, next Sunday will take out an referendum to decide whether or not to implement the measures demanded by the European Union known as the "troika" to advance a bailout. (See: Greece calls for a referendum for July 5)

"Greece is not a guest in Europe but a member with equal rights" Tsipras has declared in his speech to Parliament. "Our dignity is not a game. A million and a half unemployed are not a game. Three million people living in poverty are not a game ", has accentuated the Greek prime minister.

" Neither threats and blackmail or attempts to incite panic change will the Greek people to live with dignity. The day of reckoning is approaching for creditors, the moment will see that Greece will not surrender, "he said Tsipras.

International analysts believe that if Greece could be a possible exit from the euro zone if it causes the European Central Bank cut emergency funding they depend on Greek banks.

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