He stressed the importance of the three T: land, housing and work

He stressed the importance of the three T: land, housing and work -

In a mass meeting in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the Pope Francisco again give a historical discourse. He acknowledged and apologized for the crimes committed against the native peoples of America on behalf of the Catholic Church. He also invited popular movements not shrink "against a system that imposes profits at any cost."

"They have committed many sins against the peoples of Latin America on behalf of the Church and, as he said John Paul II, it is time that the Church should kneel before God and ask forgiveness for the past and present sins, "said the Pope Francisco before hundreds of delegates of popular movements in 40 countries.

Francisco also he reminded "thousands of priests and bishops who opposed the logic of the sword with the power of the Cross. There was sin and plentiful but there also abounded grace against these indigenous people remember them all. "

The Three T. He urged the popular movements that defend the rights of the excluded "not shrink against a system that imposes profits at any cost" and that "the future of humanity is in the hands of the lowly in their ability to organize and collective search of the three T: earth, roof and Work ".

Popular movements and Mother Earth. Pope Francisco today closed the second meeting of popular movements formed by artisans, peasants, indigenous peoples, cooperatives and members of recovered factories, among others, during the second day of his visit to Bolivia.

"Popular movements have three challenges ahead -destacó Pope Francis put the economy at the service of the people, join them on the road Peace and Justice and defend Mother Earth "while adding that the future of humanity" is in the hands of popular movements. "

the Holy Father alluded addition to that" we must recognize that we need a change, I speak of the common problems of all Latin Americans who have a global matrix and that no State can solve by itself. "

" We want a real change, a change of structures, this system seeking profits at any cost and I call 'manure Devil', and do not hold on, do not hold neither workers nor peasants nor sister Mother Earth "and added," I'm so glad the church sits near Popular movements. "

" seriously things are not going well in a world where there are so many landless peasants, workers without rights and offended in their dignity people, explode many senseless wars and fratricidal violence appropriates our neighborhoods, "said the Pope.

" There is a desire for change among all peoples of the world, even within the small minority who believes benefit from this system, where there is dissatisfaction and sadness. Many expect a change that the release of this individualistic sadness that enslaves them, "he said.

The Pope also said that" now teach fundamental us with our home, with our Mother Earth, scientists agree that damage occurs the ecosystem, land and peoples and people of a savage way by the system that seeks the god Money is punished. "in this context he called popular movements" not shrink because the future of humanity is in your hands . You (by social movements) are sowers of a process of change that will not come because such a policy option prevailed "

" It is necessary to sustain a social process of structural change that if is not accompanied by a change in the heart, eventually ends up corrupted, change the heart, "said the Pope.

Francisco also listed the new forms of colonialism linked to" alienating consumption patterns, a new ideological colonialism that comes hand the mass media. "

He argued further that the future of humanity" is not in the hands of large leaderships, powers and elites but in the hands of the people and their ability to organize "

" the new and old colonialism breeds poverty, misery and forced migration, puts the periphery depending on the center and the right to an integral development is denied.

social movements delivered a document Pope Francisco in highlighting the defense of labor as human rights, the rejection of casualization and labor outsourcing, defense of migrants and refugees, and the promotion of a social and popular economy, among other things.

Francisco culminate tomorrow his visit to Bolivia with a visit to a prison while tomorrow after noon, when that country, depart for Paraguay, the last stop of his tour, where thousands of Argentines await.

Source: Telam

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