Thousands of Greeks march in rejection of the bailout

Thousands of Greeks march in rejection of the bailout -

Police said some 130,000 people attended the demonstration in the central Syntagma square, the main capital of Greece , which it took place in a peaceful environment and which also saw several ministers dressed in casual clothes.

the concentration marked the beginning of the campaign for the called referendum next Sunday Alexis Tsipras for the Greek people to decide whether to accept or reject the adjustment program that creditors demand to Greece in exchange for extending its financial assistance program.

in support of the position of premier, which he has called for a vote for the "no", attendees chose to ignore the draconian banking restrictions that went into effect today and again demand an end to the policies of austerity and self-determination of the Greek people.

a Unlike other events, especially the communist party where the exit from the eurozone is required, it advocated staying in the euro, but in a different Europe.

"not one step back" "No to terrorism in the European Union", "Peoples of Europe, all united" or "on Sunday we take the future in our hands" were the slogans of some of the signs that could be read in this first rally held at the beginning of the referendum campaign.

at the rally along with other members of the government, Labour Minister Panos Skurletis, told news agency EFE that "if the answer Sunday is a clear 'no', we a good Monday. "

the thesis of Executive Tsipras is that, if he can clear support of the population, can return to the negotiating table with a stronger mandate, a position that did not seem to share today many leaders eurozone and European institutions.

Among them were the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, or German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who recommended more or less openly "yes" as yet only way to reach an agreement

. Source: Telam

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