US and IMF pushing for agreement between EU and Greece

US and IMF pushing for agreement between EU and Greece -

Both the director-manager of the Fund, Christine Lagarde, as the US Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, they warned in recent two days to eurozone members, partners and creditors of the Hellene country and the government of Athens, which is necessary to accelerate the most of their talks to end the agony suffered by the Greek economy and threatens the whole regional economy and global.

Lagarde, who last Thursday admitted that it is "possible" a Greek exit from the euro, considered, however, that this eventuality does not mean the end of the single currency, but called "reach a comprehensive solution in the coming days "between creditors and Athens.

Meanwhile, the head of US Treasury emphasized that if there is a rapid agreement between the parties may produce what he called" a accident "that could push Greece out of the eurozone, an output that considered dangerous not only for the European region.

concern IMF was explicit one day before the definitions of Lagarde when it was learned that the body multilateral financial decided to run the expiration date of a payment that Greece should give on June 5 until later this month for 300 million euros.

the public notice of the Fund of this determination came two days after that the government of Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, let it be known through his interior minister that Greece made that payment for lack of funds, entering into receivership with the Fund.

the movement of the Fund it also explains why there are two other maturities of debt payments Greece with the entity during June. one of 0 million euros, on June 12, and another 300 million on June 19

to the extent that there is no agreement between Greece and the former troika of the European Central Bank (ECB), the European Union (EU) and the IMF before the end of June, the government in Athens will not have access to 7,0 millions of dollars of aid committed by creditors in the bailout plan in effect and that was negotiated with the previous government of former Prime Minister Andoni Samarás.

in addition to outstanding payments of June to the Fund, Greece must pay 6,700 million euros to rescue own bonds held by the ECB in July and August, which is also impossible but is achieved unblocking the negotiations with creditors.

in recent days, spokesmen of Athens are announcing that for this purpose week, specifically for Sunday morning, there could be an agreement in Brussels.

However, no one believes in it, starting with the Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schauble, who was more than cautious in declaring that "the positive news from Athens did not fully reflect the state of the government's negotiations with creditors Athens"

. Source: Telam

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