Uruguay dismisses Eduardo Galeano at the Legislative Palace

Uruguay dismisses Eduardo Galeano at the Legislative Palace -

President Tabare Vazquez will attend the event with his entire government team to accompany family and friends of the writer.

the remains of Uruguayan writer and journalist, Eduardo Galeano wake will be held Tuesday at the Hall of Lost Legislative Palace, located in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay Steps.

the deputy secretary of the Presidency, Juan Andrés Roballo, told local media that the entire executive train, headed by President Tabare Vazquez will attend the official ceremony, which is scheduled for 15 and could be extended to 22 local time.

After the news of his physical departure, which occurred Monday in the capital of that country, Vazquez expressed regret for the loss of "a personality that transcends national and international dimension."

the Hall of Lost Steps of Parliament where it will be veiled Galeano has also been host of honors personalities of the Uruguayan culture, as the writer Mario Benedetti (who died in 09) and artist Carlos Paez Vilaró (who died in 2014).

Galeano entered last week at a hospital in Montevideo due to the worsening of his health in recent days. In 07 he had undergone surgery for lung cancer and since then had suffered many relapses. Finally, he was killed Monday.

is considered one of the most prominent authors of Latin American literature. Among his many works include "Memory of Fire", "The next few days", "Guatemala, occupied country", "Your majesty football", "Soccer in Sun and Shadow," "Latin American Chronicles", "Password" "Use it and throw it out", "Muddled the school's world upside down." and the universally recognized "open veins of Latin America" ​​

. Source: Telesur

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