25% of children in conflict zone is not going to school

25% of children in conflict zone is not going to school -

More than 20 million children living in conflict-affected countries do not attend school, today reported United Nations Fund for children (UNICEF) .

Unicef ​​believes that unless education to children living in emergency situations is provided, there will be a generation of children will grow up without the necessary to contribute to their countries and economies abilities.

"the school equips children with the knowledge and skills they will need to rebuild their communities when the conflict ends," he said in a statement, the head of UNICEF Education Jo Bourne.

according to a UNICEF analysis released Monday, the countries with the highest proportion of children not going to school are South Sudan , where 51 percent of children of primary school age and early secondary levels, do not attend school, and Niger , where 47 percent of children do not attend school.

Afghanistan and Sudan are among the countries with 40 percent or more of children not attending school. "Children living in countries affected by conflict have lost their homes, their families and friends, safety and routine," Bourne said.

"And no ability to even learn the basic skills of reading and writing, they run the risk of also losing their future and losing the opportunity to contribute to their economies and societies when they reach adulthood, "he said.

Bourne also said that children who do not go to school in conflict areas are also at risk of being recruited by armed groups. According to Unicef, security restrictions and underfunded education affect the supply and distribution of educational materials in conflict situations

Source:. Xinhua

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