North Korea claims to have detonated a hydrogen bomb

North Korea claims to have detonated a hydrogen bomb -

North Korea confirmed today with an announcement on his state television made its first test with a nuclear bomb hydrogen (H-bomb), shortly after an earthquake of 5 magnitude on the open Richter scale in the northeast of the country following the nuclear test was detected.

the "complete success" trial , which took place at 10:00 (22:30 in Argentina time), means that North Korea joined "with pride" to the rank of nuclear states even have a hydrogen bomb, Pyongyang said in a statement released by the official news agency KCNA, quoted by Xinhua.

the head of state of North Korea Kim Jong-un , ordered the test on December 15 last and signed the written order final on Sunday, according to the document.

the test "showed that the technological specifications of the newly developed H-bomb were accurate and scientifically verified the power of a smaller H-bomb," added the text.

North Korea said the test was carried out in a "safe and perfect way" without causing any adverse impact on the environment.

His development of nuclear weapons aims to break the hostile policy United States and not resort to nuclear weapons unless sovereignty is violated, he said.

the fourth nuclear test North Korea was criticized and rejected South Korea, Japan, the United States, France and China .

in addition, Tokyo and Washington, requested United Nations Security Council to convene an emergency meeting, to be held earlier today at the headquarters in New York

Source:. Telam

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