Economic concentration is the highest ever

Economic concentration is the highest ever -

The richest 1% of the world population has more wealth than the remaining 99% of the people who inhabit the planet.

This is indicated by a recent work Oxfam (international confederation of 17 organizations working to reduce poverty in the world).

the report entitled "an economy at the service of 1%" looks at how and why it has come to this situation, besides presenting evidence demonstrating the existence of a real crisis of inequality in the world, which is reaching unbearable levels.

According to studio estimates, and n 2015, only 62 people had the same wealth 3,0 million (the poorest half of humanity).

"wealth in the hands of the 62 richest people in the world has increased by 44% in just five years, just over half a trillion dollars (542,000 million) from 2010 to reaching 1.76 trillion dollars, "the NGO added.

" wealth in the hands of the poorest half of the population fell by more than a billion dollars in the same period, indicating a slump of 41%, "says Oxfam.

" Since the beginning of this century, the poorest half of the world population has received only 1% of the total increase in global wealth, while 50% of that "new wealth" has gone into the pockets of the richest 1% "expands.

" the annual income of the poorest 10% of the world population, who are concentrated poverty, hunger and exclusion have increased less than three dollars a year in nearly a quarter century. Your daily earnings have risen less than a penny a year ", says with concern.


The dramatic increase in the gap between rich and poor had been warned by Oxfam before World Economic Forum in Davos in 2015.

"the power and privileges are being used to manipulate the economic system and thus widen the gap, leaving hope to hundreds of millions of poor people. the global network of tax havens allows a privileged minority hide them 7.6 billion. to successfully combat poverty is inescapable do face the crisis of inequality "announced in its report.

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