Turkey: explosion killed ten square leaves

Turkey: explosion killed ten square leaves -

At least ten people were killed and 15 injured Tuesday in a powerful explosion of unknown origin in the tourist district of Sultanahmet, near Hagia Sophia and the blue Mosque in Istanbul , local authorities said.

Ambulances and police arrived in large numbers to place, according to images broadcast by the television and videos posted on the social network Twitter.

according to the agency RusiaToday explosion hit a building under construction, it is a hotel under construction in the district Maltepe in Istanbul that is burning. Lots of people remain trapped inside the building.

In dialogue with Cara y Cruz, the Argentine consul in Turkey, Ernesto Mario Pfirter , held that are figuring out if the place the fact some Argentine was. However, the authorities of that country has not provided official information. "This is a city that lately is visited by Argentines," said the diplomat.

Being a place permanently visitaro by foreign tourists, he sensed that the authors sought to give international visibility to the attack, at the same time, It will affect tourism

. Source: Telesur

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