Indonesia: Suicide attack kills at least seven people

Indonesia: Suicide attack kills at least seven people -

At least seven people were killed by a suicide bombing followed by a shooting that happened today in the center of Jakarta , while continuing police operations in search of those responsible in the capital of Indonesia .

Police said that in the initial attack involved between 10 and 14 armed men, two of which died after detonating the explosives strapped to his body, the news portal Rappler reported as appropriated EFE .

the first explosion occurred at noon (local) in a police station and after the outbreak heavy gunfire followed by more explosions began, the local channel DetikTv, which showed photographs taken in social networks where you can see the body of at least one police officer lying on the asphalt reported.

After the outbreak heavy gunfire followed by more explosions which injured several officers and at least three civilians, police spokesman Iqbal KABID to DetikTV said began.

the exchange of fire continued in a movie theater and a local Starbucks chain in the Sarinah shopping center in the district of Jalan Thamrin, near the presidential palace and UN offices.

the agents cordoned off the area around the mall , where they would remain at least six assailants and follow the shootings, the channel Metro TV reported.

"we 'sterilizing' the building from the basement to the top. Declare the situation as safe soon, "KABID said.

The authorities asked area residents to stay in their homes and away from windows.

Meanwhile, President Indonesia, Joko Widodo, condemned the attack and urged prosecute perpetrators: "We condemn the attacks. It hunt down these men and their network, "he said.

Jeremy Douglas, a regional representative of the United Nations in Jakarta, said six explosions, including one near the offices of the agency recorded . in the city

Indonesia remained on alert for possible attacks against local authorities and frequented by foreign places

. Source: Telam

attack larger was recorded in 02 in the resort island of Bali, and caused 202 people, mostly Australian visitors

. Source: Telam

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