Francisco Davos: "Do not forget the poor"

Francisco Davos: "Do not forget the poor" -

The Pope Francisco asked attendees of World Economic Forum it carried out in the suica city that "do not forget the poor" and urged them to create businesses using advanced technologies to "create decent work for all" technologies.

in his message published today on the eve of the World Economic Forum in Davos, the pontiff said the "technologization" of global and national economies has resulted in "fewer opportunities for successful and decent employment."

"There is a clear need to create new forms of business activity, while fostering the development of advanced technologies, are also able to use them to create decent work for all, sustain and consolidate social rights and protecting the environment. it is man who must guide the development technology, without being overcome by it, "said Francisco in the text written on December 30 but given today by the Holy See.

" Do not forget the poor! This is the main challenge that you have, as leaders in the business world ", sued major employers in the world.

" Mourn for the misery of others does not mean just share their sufferings, but also and above all, to realize that our own actions are one of the causes of injustice and inequality, "said the Pontiff to those gathered in Davos.

" As I have pointed out many times, and I repeat now gladly, business activity is `a noble vocation oriented to produce wealth and improve the world for todos`, especially` if you understand that creating jobs is inescapable part of their service to the good común` "he added, citing Francisco his encyclical Laudado si`.

"As such, it has the responsibility to help overcome the complex crisis of society and the environment, and fighting poverty. This will make it possible to improve the precarious living conditions of millions of people and bridge the gap that leads to many injustices, which erodes the fundamental values ​​of society, such as equality, justice and solidarity "demanded too.

"the dawn of the so-called 'fourth industrial` revolution have been accompanied by a growing sense of inevitability of a drastic reduction in the number of jobs. Recent studies conducted by the International Labour Organization indicate that, at present, unemployment affects hundreds of millions of people, "said Francisco in the letter.

" The financialización` and `` tecnologización` global and national economies, there have been major changes in the field of work, "lamented the Holy Father.

in that sense, put the emphasis on some consequences as" fewer opportunities for meaningful employment and worthy, combined with the reduction of social security, are causing a disturbing increase of inequality and poverty in different countries, "alarmed the Pope in that direction.

Finally, in the letter to Klaus Schwab, president WEF executive, Francis renewed his "best wishes for the success of the next meeting in Davos"

Source:. Telam

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