Evo reiterated order for Chile to grant access to the sea

Evo reiterated order for Chile to grant access to the sea -

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales reiterated that what Bolivia looking at International Court of Justice (ICJ) Hague is that Chile "fulfill its pledges and commitments" to give you a sovereign access to the Pacific ocean, in response to statements trasandino Chancellor Heraldo Muñoz , who yesterday said that nade can force his country to cede territory.
the president, after inaugurating the first scientific conference in Tiquipaya, Cochabamba, recommended to the Chilean authorities and the Executive of that country listen to the world, the Pope Francisco , the presidents and international organizations to negotiate and grant Bolivia sovereign access to the sea without territorial compensation.
Concerning the statements of Muñoz, the president said no representing the Chilean people and less to his government and recommended revising the treaties signed before signing the Treaty of Peace and Friendship of 104, which "was imposed and unjust" because they recognize that Bolivia has a sovereign sea access.
" it's an invasion (of 1879 with which the war began), a robbery, I think it is a crime against humanity and after many negotiations. Has imposed a 104 treaty unfair and besides that failed, a treaty under threats and after the 104 treaty to not look bad offer and provide an outlet to the sea, "he said.
He also called on Munoz to answer who forced Chile invade, "will remove and steal" 400 kilometers of coastline and 0,000 square kilometers of Bolivian territory.
also questioned and asked "if international law is allowed to invade a country to remove its territory."
" I know that this position of chancellor is not the position of the Chilean people, (and) less the Chilean government. We know, we know, their deep differences, "the president said at a news conference.
reiterated that" before the invasion of Chile to Bolivia in 1879 "there were three treaties that recognized the Bolivian access to the Pacific, adding that his country is "realistic" because it does not ask for the return of all the lost territory
in 1825, Bolivia was born to independent living with a coastline of about 400 kilometers above the Pacific ocean,. 54 years later, in 1879, Chile invaded and occupied by force the territory of the department of Litoral, since deprived the country of a sovereign access to the sea and a vast territory.
in 2013, Bolivia sat Chile to the Hague, in search of a "sincere dialogue" to resolve Bolivia's maritime claim.
Chile had objected in 2014 the jurisdiction of the ICJ to meet Bolivia's maritime claim, and after 14 months, the international court rejected the appeal by La Moneda.
Chile prepares against memory which must be filed with the ICJ in July

Source:. Telam

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