UN condemned the nuclear test conducted by North Korea

UN condemned the nuclear test conducted by North Korea -

The Security Council of the United Nations (UN) condemned the nuclear test conducted by North Korea , he called it a "clear violation" of past resolutions of the organ and announced it will work "immediately" to adopt a text that accounts for this repudiation and concern in the international community.
the announcement was made by the ambassador of Uruguay to the UN Elbio Rosselli whose country chairs the council this month, in a statement read to reporters at the end of an emergency meeting held today by the UN body, as reported by the news agency EFE.
earlier, North Korea had announced it conducted its first test of a nuclear bomb hydrogen, shortly after an earthquake magnitude 5 is detected, 1 in the Richter scale, in the northeast of the country following the nuclear test.
as reported today from Tokyo, the meeting of the Security Council of the UN was requested by Japan, which joined this year that UN body, as well as by the United States, which has a permanent seat on the council.
According to the UN, is the fourth North Korean nuclear test since 06. the previous date from 06, 09 and 2013, and all of them are against the resolutions imposed by the Security Council.
the UN created in 06 a special committee with the aim of monitoring the implementation of sanctions imposed by the Security Council to the regime of North Korea, including which include an arms embargo, a ban on provision of certain financial services and the sale of luxury goods to the country.
in addition, several individuals are prohibited from traveling abroad and their assets were frozen.

Source: Telam

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