You try to curb arms sales to US citizens

You try to curb arms sales to US citizens -

US President Barack Obama decreed that all companies and businesses selling weapons " must be licensed and do background checks on buyers "if they can not be subject to Justice, explained in a televised White House speech.
Obama devoted much of his speech, which lasted more than 30 minutes to make it clear "sense of urgency" surrounding the issue and recalled that more than 30,000 people are killed by firearms every year in the United States.
"we become desensitized to it. we started to think that this is normal, "Obama said in reporting the decree seeks" to keep guns out of the wrong hands "and put a limit on the use of weapons that last year led to almost a mass per day firefight.
the president, who was accompanied by relatives of victims of shootings and massacres committed in the country in recent years, directly he pointed to the Republican opposition, which rejected in Congress "common sense measures" to limit arms sales to people with criminal records and problems psychological.
the president insisted that his actions are not "a plot" to, as claimed by most Republicans, seizing weapons and restrict the right to bear arms guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.
"we know we can not stop every act of violence, every act of evil in the world, but maybe we can avoid one," stressed Obama to argue that the American people can not remain "hostage" of the "gun lobby" as he showed CNN.
the president said that every year 30,000 people by shooting firearms and cited as an example a web page, which was recorded over several months, one of 30 people who bought guns had criminal records.
Therefore, Obama called on Congress to act and demanded, once again, not turn the issue into a bipartisan fight.
"the reason that Congress blocks laws is because they want to win elections, "launched the head of state that fails to advance the issue before the closed Republican opposition that currently leads the two chambers of the legislature.
in an attempt to explain the drama and urgency of the problem Obama recalled several shootings that occurred during his two presidential terms.
the president made special emphasis on that shook the whole country and led him to present for the first time without much success a reform package to limit the sale weapons, the slaughter in primary school Sandy Hook, in the State of Connecticut, in December 2012 ended with 20 children and six adults dead.
"Every time I think of those guys, I get hoarse" Obama and immediately entrusted her eyes filled with tears, to the point that he could not prevent some from spilling down her cheeks.
in 2013, "0% of Americans supported that notion his law- project, 0% Democrats in the Senate supported this idea, but it failed because 0% of Republicans in the Senate rejected this idea, "he recalled and demanded that" all citizens "asked Congress to" be brave and confront the lies of the lobby weapons. "
This year 325 mass shootings, ie more than four people were injured or killed in the United States, according Shootingtracker, a local website that keeps count were recorded.
Specifically, the decree signed by Obama states that the Bureau of Alcohol, Snuff, Firearms and Explosives ask all those who sell weapons, either through local, fairs or even online, obtain a federal license and check criminal records and possible problems psychological buyers.
Furthermore, this office will implement a new regulation to require background checks for people who try to buy "some of the most dangerous weapons" in corporations and other legal entities.
the decree also includes a increased "mental health treatment" and orders "report them to the control system history."
to implement this measure, the president has assigned an investment of 500 million dollars.
One of the first Republicans to criticize the Obama decree was the president of the House, Paul Ryan. For the leader, the decree represents "a dangerous level of executive overreach, that the country will not tolerate."
Ryan also said that the decrees will be peeled in judicial courts and recalled that can be reversed "by a Republican president" if you win in the upcoming November elections

Source:. Telam

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