Evo Morales celebró diez años de gestión con una ceremonia

Evo Morales celebró diez años de gestión con una ceremonia -

The President of Bolivia Evo Morales thanked for the ten years of his government, which will be fulfilled tomorrow and he praised the support for social sectors and the rest of the Bolivarian population in "the process of cultural revolution" directed since taking office as head of state on 22 January 06.

with nearly 54 percent of the votes, he became the first indigenous president. The ancestral ceremony took place in the town of Tiahuanaco ruin of the longest civilization in history, where attended by the vice president Alvaro Garcia Linera .

"in this small act, but very important I take this opportunity to express our appreciation in these 10 years of service to the Bolivian people, we have never felt abandoned by social movements, indigenous, originating as the Unity Pact, have always accompanied the cultural revolution, "he said.

Together with a group of amautas, thanked the Pachamama by the administration of President, and Morales expressed his gratitude to Mother Earth. He said that by the united people "everything is possible".

"I do not know how they spent 10 years and had been a management revolution of change, but especially our brothers, leaders of different sectors should reflect and thank them for guaranteed social stability" he said.

on October 21, 2015 Morales broke record of permanence in government, to serve nine years, eight months and 27 days in office, which exceeded the time administration of Marshal Andres de Santa Cruz (1829 - 1839)

. Source: Bolivian Information Agency

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