Pakistan: Taliban attacked a university and left 25 people

Pakistan: Taliban attacked a university and left 25 people -

"There were three grenade blasts that left 21 confirmed dead including teachers and students, the Army took the building and continues the search for hidden attackers, "said regional police official, Saeed Wazir.

the dead included several students, teachers and security guards. The assault began at 9.30 (1.30 hour in Argentina), the University Bacha Khan, located in Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in northern Pakistan .

the Vice Chancellor of the University, Fazal Rahim, confirmed the death of four security guards and police during the assault.

Meanwhile, Asim Bajwal, CEO of relations office public of (ISPR, for its acronym in English), Army initially reported on his Twitter account that his troops killed "two terrorists" while the rest have them "corralled into two blocks of the university."

"Snipers killed two more terrorists", bringing to four the number of insurgents killed. "All buildings and roofs are taken by the army," he added later Bajwal.

The events began when four men entered today in college firing their weapons, leaving several casualties among the guards at the compound, according to the version of the provincial police.

immediately, security forces cordoned off the perimeter of the institution and held a gun battle with the attackers.
Charsadda is about 40 kilometers from the provincial capital, Peshawar, where in December 2014 the main Pakistani Taliban group, the TTP launched an attack against a school that caused 151 deaths, including 125 children.

the province is bordering the Khyber region, where in October 2014 the Pakistani army began an offensive against insurgents who joined another launched in June this year in the tribal area of ​​North Waziristan.

the Taliban then said the school attack was revenge for those . operations, which have killed at least 3,500 insurgents and 488 members of the Pakistani security forces, according to official data

Source: Telam

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