Francisco asked not to marginalize the "homosexual persons"

Francisco asked not to marginalize the "homosexual persons" -

The Pope Francisco strongly condemned corruption. He says it is not a sin anymore. Also rejected that "homosexuals" are marginalized by Catholic Church in the first book-length interview on the pontiff to be published on Tuesday.

The volume, which bears title "the name of God is mercy" and was written by the Vatican Andrea Tornielli , will be published in more than 80 countries, although today the Italian media and broadcast excerpts.

Regarding corruption, criticizes strongly, as it has done repeatedly throughout his pontificate, people who commit this crime.

"There is a difference between sinful and corrupt. the first acknowledges with humility being a sinner and continually asks forgiveness to be able to lift, while the corrupt is raised to the system, it becomes a habit of mind, a way of life, "he says.

According to Francisco," the who sins is corrupt, no regrets and pretends to be Christian; who laments the poor security on the streets, but then deceives the State evading taxes. With his double life, scandalized. "

" It is not easy for a corrupt out of this condition for inner reflection. Generally, the Lord saved through great trials of life, situations that can not be avoided (...). We repeat: sinners yes, corrupt not, "insists

Regarding homosexuals said they should not be marginalized and remember his words pronounced on the return flight from Brazil to Rome in 2013 when he said. "If a person is gay, looking for Mr. and has good will who am I to judge?"

"paraphrased then memorized the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which explains that these people should be. treated gently and should not be marginalized, "he says.

" I especially like to talk about 'gay people', because first is the person with dignity. The person is not only defined by their sexual orientation: Do not forget that we are all creatures loved by God, recipients of His infinite love, "continues

But not only refers to these two issues, but Bergoglio reflects. also on the situation in which they find themselves divorced and remarried, the processes of marriage annulment or prisoners serving sentences in prisons.

to talk about the divorced and remarried, one of matters more controversy arises between progressive and conservative sectors of the Catholic Church, the pope cites the case of a niece.

"I have a niece who married civilly with a man before this could obtain marriage annulment. Wanted to get married, they loved, wanted children actually have had three, "says Bergoglio.

" This man was so believer that every Sunday when I went to Mass, going to confession and told the priest 'I know you can not acquit me, but I have sinned in this and in this one, give me a blessing. " This is a man religiously formed, "he adds.

Francisco also addresses the processes of marriage annulment to criticize lengthy and costly procedures, and recall the recent reform announced in September and thanks to which will now be more agile, simple and inexpensive

Source:. Telam

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