Bolivia Chile rejects proposal to resume relations

Bolivia Chile rejects proposal to resume relations -

Foreign Minister Bolivia David Choquehuanca , he rejected the proposal of Chile to restore diplomatic relations "unconditionally" between the two countries, saying renew those ties passes negotiate a sovereign access to the Pacific ocean.

"President (Evo) Morales in several occasions has expressed willingness to resume diplomatic relations as long as they have the inescapable intention to initiate a process of serious and formal negotiations and within a reasonable time we can find a definitive solution to the confinement of Bolivia, "said the foreign minister.

Choquehuanca recalled that an agenda of 13 points which was developed in 06 between the governments of Bolivia and Chile was filed in 2010 by the Chilean administration of President Sebastian Pinera.

the government Chile sent on Tuesday to ambassador Eduardo Gabriel Gaspar Tapia to Bolivia with a mission to improve diplomatic relations between the two South American countries.

"We want to have good relations with all our neighbors. Chile has diplomatic relations: here and now, without conditions, "Gaspar said the newspaper" El Deber "of Santa Cruz de la Sierra Chile and Bolivia have ambassadors in La Paz and Santiago, respectively, since 1978.

Gaspar was incorporated into the new team commanded by José Miguel Insulza, new agent of Chile to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague, where he is running a trial raised in April 2013 by Bolivia for this claim to open negotiations in good faith back to sea.

Meanwhile, former Bolivian president and spokesman for the maritime cause, Carlos Mesa (03-05) said today that Chile "is copying" strategy that has applied his country to spread legal, political and comuncacionalmente the world its claim for sovereign sea access lost after the Chilean invasion and war of 1879-1883.

"the proof that this is so, the success of this logic in three bands is that Chile is copying the model literally. Chile realized that their strategy was wrong and what he has done is to repair the equipment practically following to the letter what we have done between 2013 and 2015 in Bolivia, "he said.

According to Mesa , the legal field was handled "with intelligence" by the agent Bolivia before the ICJ, former President Eduardo Rodriguez Veltzé (05-06), and the team of Bolivian and foreign demand by court experts.

indicated that in the political arena, President Evo Morales won "such extraordinary results" as the pronouncements of Pope Francis, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande, on the Bolivian claim.

added that in the media area, Bolivia could "place the issue at the international level for the first time in history" by presenting the issue in Latin America and other continents.

in his view, this might seem irrelevant now, but when the final decision of the Court knows "it will generate international awareness in the event that Chile had reluctance to fulfill what was favorable to Bolivia failure."

the Hague tribunal after rejecting last September the Chilean request to declare itself incompetent in this case, granted a period to Chile until July 25 to respond to the legal and historical arguments presented by Bolivia to justify its request.

Source: Telam

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