Bolivia: surveys confirm support for Constitutional Referendum

Bolivia: surveys confirm support for Constitutional Referendum -

The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales , leads from Sunday the Yes campaign for constitutional reform promoted by social organizations that allow their repostulación the mandate in 2019.

the campaign is focused on showing the "successes in our management and projects in the short and long term we have to meet in the patriotic Agenda 2025" he said the president, who also said that it will "take the time".

Meanwhile, the results of the latest survey of the company Equipos Mori reflects an advantage for option Yes 41 percent on No, filing 37% by referendum on 21 February.

according to the report, the most notable difference in favor of the partial amendment of the Constitution of the State (CPE) to allow a new application of the formula Morales-Garcia Linera is seen in the western department of Oruro, where the Yes wins with 64 percent to not reaching 23%.

Add the summary of the survey in the eastern city of Santa Cruz, the Self leads narrowly to No, 36 percent for 35, while in the Amazonian department of Beni, 47 percent of people said they would vote yes.

in the capital city, La Paz, 44 percent of respondents voted for the Yes vote, while in the central department of Cochabamba did 46%.

Add the newsletter in the southern department of Tarija No won with 54 percent approval, while the Yes just added 22%.

the survey Equipos Mori also shows the victory of No in Chuquisaca and Pando, however in the "Villa Imperial, the department of Potosi, the highest approval was won by the Yes with 43 percent of the intention of the vote by 40% of No.

generally in across the country, reflecting the note, 11 percent of respondents abstained and eight percent responded that still undecided about their vote.

the upcoming February 21 the Bolivian people will go to the polls to define whether or not modified CPE to allow Morales and García Linera respostularse in the elections of 2019.

Source: Prensa Latina

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