Bolivia awaiting the decision by the Hague landlocked

Bolivia awaiting the decision by the Hague landlocked -

The Bolivian delegation to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague he said he did not look like the end the ruling that this court will issue on Thursday, but a fundamental decision to continue the cause with "justice and truth".

The Bolivian agent Eduardo Rodriguez Veltzé said the Andean country still hopes that the resolution will be a step to move forward. "It is not the final decision but the fundamental decision to proceed in this area of ​​justice," said a contact with the New Nation Network.

Rodriguez, who follows the maritime dispute with Chile in The Hague since 2013 it will assist facilities of the international court "with faith and confidence" in the arguments that Bolivia presented in May to enforce all the offers made different Chilean governments on landlocked.

"This is a centenarian causes commits generations, has touched us face it in court who created humanity to peacefully resolve their disputes so that we are a challenge that engages our generation, "said the official.

national authorities, departmental and municipal they called the people to wait for the verdict of the international court with optimism over 136 years of struggle for a peaceful settlement to recover its maritime sovereignty

. Source: Telesur

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