migration crisis: Four babies drowned in Greece

migration crisis: Four babies drowned in Greece -

The crisis of immigrants continues and continues to claim lives. In a confusing episode occurred today off the Greek island of Lesbos, drowned seven people including three babies and a baby were.

The incident occurred when the boat carrying 39 refugees from Turkey hit a Coast Guard patrol helena.

at the moment, the Coast Guard has rescued 31 people and launched an extensive operation in the participating boats agency Frontex the European Union.

Meanwhile, one person was still missing at nightfall, according to the press office of the police force.

Meanwhile, the Greek ministry Mercantile Marine reported that it will open an investigation into the circumstances of the incident between the Greek ship, 30 meters long, and the wooden boat migrants.

According to preliminary information provided by the ministry , there are indications that the ship tried to escape before the arrival of the patrol.

the case recalls that of Aylan Kurdi , the smallest of only three years, drowned on September 2 when he and his family were trying to reach Europe. The picture that shames the world opened the debate on how Europe is handling the immigration crisis.

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