Pope Francis called for unity to the Central African Republic

Pope Francis called for unity to the Central African Republic -

Pope Francisco today called on the transitional government of Central African Republic and its citizens which are based on the country's motto, "unity, dignity and work" to overcome inter-religious conflict in the past two years has killed thousands of people.

After meeting with the president of the transition Catherine Samba-Panza , and members of the diplomatic corps, the pope congratulated the national and international authorities "for the efforts they have made to lead the country at this stage," he said the agency EFE .

Central African Republic held a constitutional referendum on 13 December and two weeks after the presidential election, two events that will culminate the transition and should allow the beginning of rebuilding the country will take place.

Meanwhile, Samba-Panza, president asked "forgiveness" on behalf of the ruling class and those responsible for what he called "descent into hell" referring to the violence in their country, and he encouraged his compatriots to do the same after receiving Francisco.

Samba-Panza praised the "lesson of courage and determination" that the pontiff has been shown to travel to Bangui, the capital, where he received today the presidential palace, the Palace of the Renaissance.

"All sons and daughters of this country should recognize their faults and apologize, a sincere forgiveness that his blessing transformed into a new pavement for the reconstruction of the country" said the president, according reproduces EFE

. Source: Telam / EFE

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