Imminent left coalition stalks the Portuguese government

Imminent left coalition stalks the Portuguese government -

The leader of Left Bloc (BE) Portuguese Catarina Martins, guaranteed that there will be a tripartite agreement with the [Socialist Match and Communist Party to propose an alternative to new conservative government of Pedro Passos Coelho , in an interview published today.

"There agreement, there will be agreement, "said Martins in an interview published by the Diário de Luso News , in which he added that" there is only agreement if the three parties, as a matter of political stability. "

the "first commitment," Martins said, it is that the government of Passos Coelho is rejected in Parliament by the bE, the Socialist Party (PS) and the Portuguese Communist Party (PCP) when presenting his government program on 9 and 10 November.

"There is a responsibility that is an alternative and we are all working to make that happen," said a spokesman for Marxist education, allied with we and Syriza in Europe.

Among the contents of the covenant of the left, pointed out that "there is agreement that all pensions are unfrozen and the lowest have a real increase" and in 2016, while the other will increase over the legislature.

on the minimum wage, one of the leading positions on the table points, Martins revealed that is still a "matter for negotiation" but stressed which is "decisive" reach 0 euros at the end of the legislature (currently 505 euros).

the Marxist leader would not comment on whether there is a possibility that members of his party are part of the government led by socialists and argued that "only when they have closed all relevant political points will sense that discussion."

Martins criticized the speech by the President of Portugal, Anibal Cavaco Silva during the inauguration of the Government of Passos Coelho.

"He made a speech like prime minister. It self-appointed leader of the shortest in the history of democratic government, "he said.

If the parties of the left, which together have a majority in Parliament rejected the Government's program of Passos Coelho, it will be forced to resign.

If so, Cavaco Silva can choose to order government to socialist António Costa as leader of the second most voted or leave the caretaker government force until new elections are held (a from June 2016)

Source:. Telam

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