ISIS recognizes authorship and France promises to answer mercilessly

ISIS recognizes authorship and France promises to answer mercilessly -

French President Francois Hollande , considered Saturday "an act of war" against his country series "terrorist attacks" which killed 129 people across Paris in a coordinated operation and claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State (EI) France fighting in Syria and Iraq, and promised a response " merciless "

" Faced with a task of cowardly, shameful and violent attack, France will be implacable against the barbarians of EI, "said the French head of state, during Friday night had already declared a state of emergency and ordered the strengthening of border controls.

in the afternoon, the Attorney General of Paris, Francois Molins, said initial investigations indicated that the six Friday's attacks were perpetrated by three groups coordinated pointing to achieve, wearing identical explosive vests, "a maximum of victims from their own death," appropriated the news agency DPA.

the deadliest attacks in the history of France left nearly 500 victims. 129 dead, 352 wounded, 99 in critical

the day after the attacks, while enduring the commotion between the French and the army patrol the streets for the establishment of the state of emergency, some citizens defied an official ban and gathered in squares in Paris and other parts of the country to pay tribute to the victims and repudiate the attacks.

"it is an act of war that was prepared, organized and planned from outside and within the country involvement," said Hollande and said his government would take "extraordinary measures" and win "this war".

"Against the war, the country should take appropriate measures," the president said in a solemn speech after an emergency meeting of security chiefs, where he announced three days of national mourning.

"we are at war, and we will respond at a high level with a will to destroy. This war will be long and difficult, we should expect other replicas but we will do everything to destroy this army of terrorists, "he said, with martial tone, Prime Minister Manuel Valls on the news channel TF1.

the authorship of the attacks that EI is awarded began circulating in Internet without their authenticity could be the verified time he said the Paris prosecutor.

in the text, it is ensured that the attacks were perpetrated by "a loyal group the Army of the caliphate "and they were directed against" the capital of prostitution and vice. "

"These attacks are only the first drops of rain and a warning," the letter.

"France and those who follow his path know they are at the top of the list of the objectives of the Islamic State and will never be immune to death," he says.

The slaughter in the streets of the French capital is given shortly after other attacks claimed by EI on a plane Russian passengers, which killed 224 people and a bombing in the Lebanon in which 43 people died.

the Molins prosecutor confirmed today that the terrorists to perpetrate the attacks, mentioned Syria and Iraq, two countries where the EI dominates vast territories . and where France, part of an international coalition bombing there EI positions.

Molins said that "Six kamikaze terrorists" were blown up in the attacks, while a seventh attacker was killed before blowing himself. Thus, the death toll was reduced to seven attackers, after the authorities initially will report eight dead assailants. All the attackers were carrying Kalashnikov rifles and wore exactly the same type of explosive vest, the prosecutor said.

At the moment it is known that one of the attackers of the concert hall Le Bataclan was identified as a 29 year old Frenchman, who had drawn the attention of the authorities for their radicalization. had criminal records, but no links with jihadist networks.

The father and brother of the young man identified are being questioned by police who searched their homes, the channel itele said.

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