France guarded by 100,000 policemen on New Year

France guarded by 100,000 policemen on New Year -

The arrival of the new year and bounce to be found in France with more than 100,000 policemen and gendarmes deployed by alert possible attacks although at this time "there is no precise threat," announced today the French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve .
However, the French official acknowledged that the threat remains "high" in European capitals, so that the mobilization of security in France will be "exceptional".
the device will be especially intense in Paris and surrounding areas, where security is ensured by 11,000 troops from the security forces.
"Paris is still a party," say anyway residents of the City of Light paraphrasing the title of one of the novels of American writer Ernest Hemingway.
in the area of ​​Champs Elysees and the Eiffel Tower, the epicenter of the new year celebrations, which will patrol 1,700 policemen and gendarmes, is estimated at more than one million people who will gather there to welcome the new year.
Because this particular context, and only a month and a half after the slaughter of 13-N in Paris and its surroundings, other 39,500 firefighters and effective civil protection will join the mobilization ordered by the authorities.
in addition, the security forces also try to prevent recurrent acts occur violence on the last night of the year, particularly car fires, which every New year's Eve repeated.
According to Cazeneuve, more than 20,000 police and gendarmes are responsible throughout the national territory to ensure security on the roads, other sources of concern executive, said the news agency EFE.
the attacks this year in Paris have significantly reduced the number of tourists in the French capital, especially Japanese and Americans-, which translates, among other things, a drop in hotel bookings this holiday season 30%, according to the employers in the sector.
in the same vein, lower influx is expected in restaurants this car, which could be up to . 50% lower than last year
Similar measures were taken in other cities in Europe, the United States and north Africa

Source:. Telam

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