Historic agreement in the WTO favor Argentina

Historic agreement in the WTO favor Argentina -

The Ministerial Conference World Trade Organization (WTO) arrived at an agreement with regard to the elimination of subsidies that are intended for agricultural exports, a move that will be "very beneficial for our country and for all nations in developing" that specialize in this type of production, said tonight the Foreign Ministry.

the agreement was reached at the meeting that the WTO carries out in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

These subsidies are one of the most distorting forms of production and trade. Argentina, along with other agro-exporting countries as its Mercosur partners, African nations, Australia and New Zealand, has historically demanded their removal and this time the national delegation played a leading role in achieving this objective role.

Negotiations WTO launched in Doha in 01, had this purpose in its work program, although until today without great success.
the result of the agreement reached in Nairobi "equates the rules governing agricultural goods to that of industrial, for which subsidies were eliminated 55 years ago, "said the Foreign Ministry in a statement.

Thus a discriminatory situation is repaired detriment mainly of exporting developing countries that do not subsidize its agricultural sector, as in the case of Argentina.

"This achievement will add momentum to continue negotiations on the other two areas of agriculture in which no progress has been made yet as reducing subsidies to domestic production and greater access to markets where our products face unfair competition and barriers to access, especially in countries heavily subsidize their agriculture as the United States and the European Union, "added the portfolio leads Susana Malcorra.

the Nairobi Ministerial Conference decided the complete elimination of these subsidies in developed countries from today, December 19, 2015, and in developing countries since late 2018.

Source: Telam

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