Accused of corruption, resigned president of Guatemala

Accused of corruption, resigned president of Guatemala -

President Guatemala Otto Perez Molina , accused of corruption, resigned , an act that was confirmed by the official spokesman for the Presidency Jorge Ortega .

According to the letter that was read, the goal of the president's decision is "to maintain the institutional and order corresponding within a state ", in addition to facing" individually "due process against him, appropriated EFE.

the presidential spokesman said the decision of Perez Molina was difficult but that, despite her, the president continues to defend his innocence. However, he added, the course of events forced him to make this decision.

The letter of resignation and was delivered to Congress at 23.58 (1.58, time in Argentina), and the political situation, the "scenario is clear" and expect full accept it.

Perez Molina, the first president who was removed charters in the country's history, is accused of leading network of customs corruption "Line "and from Wednesday weighs on him an arrest warrant.

the retired general lost his immunity and privileges on Tuesday after the unanimous vote of 132 deputies, after the Public Ministry (MP) and the International Commission against Impunity in Guatemala (CICIG) accused him on 21 August corruption.

according to research more than 18 months of both entities, Perez Molina allegedly ran the clandestine network within the Administration Superintendency taxation (SAT), with the complicity of at least 28 people, including former Vice President (2012-2015) Roxana Baldetti, in prison since August 21.

judge Miguel Angel Galvez, by the court B High Risk, issued Wednesday an arrest warrant against the president.

the president, who took office on January 14, 2012, had reiterated since he was accused that he would not resign to ensure holding of general elections next Sunday

. Source: Telam

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