US and Russia disagree on the conflict in Syria

US and Russia disagree on the conflict in Syria -

Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Lavrov , failed to bring positions on what is the best solution for the conflict in Syria, after holding an unprecedented summit in Vienna with Feridun Sinirlioglu and Adel al Jubeir, their counterparts in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

the objective of the meeting in the Austrian capital was to promote political negotiations to end the Syrian civil war, which has lasted more than four years and caused at least 250,000 deaths, according to the UN.

Lavrov and his colleague US met for the first time since Russia began on September 30 last air strikes in Syria, in support of the forces of President Bashar al Assad against jihadist groups.

During the meeting, Russia considered that the Syrian President Bashar al Assad should stay in power, while the United States, Saudi Arabia and Turkey stated that it must deviate from office for a solution to the conflict, which has lasted more than four years.

Turks are along with the Saudis the fiercest opponents of Assad and demanding his departure.

Lavrov has called for direct negotiations between the government in Damascus and the Syrian opposition. He said that the fate of Syria can only be decided by the Syrian people. "But not on the battlefield or through an uprising, but a political dialogue", specified according to news agency DPA.

Kerry, meanwhile, said that the Vienna meeting was "constructive and productive, "according to his spokesman Mark Toner said in Washington. There were new ideas "that open the possibility of changing the dynamics in Syria," he added. Friday could be repeated Today, Toner, who did not rule out that Iran may participate in the meeting said.

The US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, today also criticized Russia's position. "Anyone who helps Assad and stand in a political transition, only prolong the conflict will cause more suffering and will strengthen EI (the Islamic terrorist militia State)," he said.

Meanwhile, Lavrov said that information about alleged conversations to that Assad step down is just a rumor spread by the Arab newspaper "Al Sharq al Awsat," citing Turkish officials said. Lavrov denied that talk about the possible ouster of the country's president, Bashar al Assad.

According to the newspaper, Russia had expressed its willingness to Ankara to reflect on the future of Al Assad. The condition of Moscow was allegedly the head of state follow in power for a period of 18 months. Later choices that could be presented to Al Assad held

"If we planted in you have to change the government and we become obsessed with a certain person (...) we know how it will end. In a crisis more deep, "Lavrov said.

" rumors that we are here putting agree on that, after some time, President Assad will be disseminated. None of this is so, "Lavrov said after the meeting , according to Russian media quoted by the news agency EFE .

"our partners are obsessed with the figure of the president of Syria, but we confirm our position", summarized that " the fate of Syria, the fate of the president and other authorities should be decided by the Syrians themselves, "he said.

the foreign ministers agreed to" consult with all parties and try to meet soon in a wider appointment explore whether there is enough common ground to advance a political solution, "said deputy spokesman of the State Department, Mark Toner, in his daily press briefing in Washington.

That meeting will be held" as soon as next Friday ", with the possibility of it later, and it is" possible "to" include more countries "besides participants today, according to the spokesman.

the summit in Vienna did not count with European presence, neither France, Britain and Germany were part "to claim the departure of President al-Assad as a condition to support negotiations, something that is flatly rejected by Russia," the French daily Le Monde

Source: Telam

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