NATO denies Russian incursion was accidental Turkey

NATO denies Russian incursion was accidental Turkey -

Secretary General NATO , Jens Stoltenberg, said today that the Russian incursion into the airspace of Turkey last weekend "does not seem an accident", and insisted that Moscow should respect the Turkish borders.

"there were two violations ( air) space during the weekend, "he said at a news conference Stoltenberg, who also said that such violations lasted" long time "and reiterated that it is a performance" unacceptable. "

the head of NATO reiterated the call to Moscow to respect borders and airspace of Turkey, which are also stressed, territory of the Atlantic Alliance. also indicated that NATO has not received any explanations so far Moscow about what happened "beyond what we have seen in the media", and indicated that it has discussed the possibility of using lines military communication between the Alliance and Russia to address such incidents.

considered that this pathway may be the way to express the concern of NATO, ask for explanations and send "a strong message" that that incident "should not happen again," he said as quoted by AFP.

the NATO allies backed on Monday Turkey to the "unacceptable" and "irresponsible" violation by Russia of its airspace, while urged Moscow to stop "immediately" its attacks on the opposition and civilians in Syria to focus on fighting Islamic State (EI) .

Russia accuses misrepresentation: "Show us the facts"

"the accusations against Russia of causing civilian casualties and attack the opposition in Syria are based on sources and anonymous unconfirmed data, "said the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zajárova at a press conference to deny all kinds of misrepresentations in the Western media about the Russian operation in the Arab country.

within a few days since I would start operating from the Russian Air Force in Syria against Islamic State (EI), have appeared in the Western media and social networking a series of 'tests' that the attacks have caused chaos and civilian casualties. However, the Western media do not provide any evidence of its allegations.

"Reports of civilian deaths in Syria as a result of Russian airstrikes are pure propaganda," he said Zajárova.

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