Stop a train with refugees running from Hungary to Austria

Stop a train with refugees running from Hungary to Austria -

The train which left today of Keleti station Budapest with about 300 refugees to the border Austria was arrested in the city Bicske, west of the capital, where immigrants were to be transferred to a nearby reception center, the agency reported MTI news .

the police tried to lower refugees before being flown in groups to an unspecified, although some of the immigrants began to protest, not wanting to go to camp center.

After several failed attempts, the police withdrew and refugees climbed back to train, which still stands in Bicske station, reported MTI. Hungarian police rushed to the scene with dozens of agents and several vehicles, including buses.

Many of the refugees protested against the measure screaming "No camp! No camp!" (No camp). The train was crowded refugee Budapest party to the city of Sopron, in northeast Hungary, near the border with Austria. (See: Pressure mounts in Europe by the crisis of immigrants)

information stop the train seems to have come quickly to refugees in Budapest and the next train that left at Sopron was no longer refugees

Source:. MTI

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