USA reported that Iran violated UN resolutions

USA reported that Iran violated UN resolutions -

United States reported that Iran "violated" resolutions Nacione United s to test a ballistic missile and predicted that take the matter to the Security Council three months after the signing of the historic nuclear agreement between the major powers and Tehran that ended a dispute over 30 years.

"After reviewing the information available, we can confirm that Iran launched on October 10 a ballistic medium-range missile capable of carrying a nuclear weapon "said US ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power, in a brief statement released by the news agency EFE .

Iran, with several types of missiles capable of traveling up to 2,000 km range, announced on Sunday successfully tested a new missile named Emad, who has ability to be guided away.

Tehran said its ballistic missiles are purely defensive, are not designed to carry weapons and not they are therefore covered by any UN resolution.

However, Power said that "it was a clear violation of resolution 1929 of the Security Council of the UN", which in 2010 declared that Iran had shown that they had suspended all activities related to uranium enrichment contrary to other resolutions on nuclear non-proliferation.

the resolution was imposed on Iran new sanctions, including the freezing of financial transactions.

on 14 July, after two years of negotiations, Iran and the G5 + 1 (US, Russia, China, France, UK + Germany) sealed an agreement in the Swiss city of Lausanne that It limits the Iranian nuclear program in exchange for the lifting of sanctions that hinder the Persian economy.

Power anticipated that is preparing a report to send to Iran, an organ of the Security Council sanctions Committee and added that he expects discuss the matter with the other members of the Council "in the coming days."

"the prohibition of activities ballistic missile Security Council on Iran and the arms embargo remains in force and continue pressing the Security Council for an adequate response to the contempt of Iran for its international obligations, "said the ambassador.

the missile launch came after Iranian officials manifest concern that the nuclear deal could involve limitations its missile program.

a resolution adopted by the Security Council after signing the nuclear agreement prohibits Iran develop missiles "designed to carry nuclear warheads."

Source : Telam

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