"Change will come to Cuba and the embargo will end up rising"

"Change will come to Cuba and the embargo will end up rising" -

US President Barack Obama , who stars with his Cuban counterpart Raul Castro an operational approach, will meet with the Cuban head of state in New York, on the sidelines of the international meeting of leaders at the UN.

in the day today, Obama put the new US policy toward Cuba as an example that the doctrine of dialogue works and bears fruit to speak at the 70th General Assembly of the UN .

in the presence of Castro, Democratic leader acknowledged once again that the policy of isolation of the island who had carried out their predecessors in the White House failed "for 50 years, the United States pursued a policy towards Cuba that failed when improving Cuban life. We changed this, "he said.

the US president recalled that continue to have" differences "with the Cuban government and his administration continues to defend the need to improve the rights on the island . "But now address these issues through diplomatic relations and increased trade," said Obama.

United States and Cuba formally re-established bilateral relations on 20 July. Experts say that there will be no normalization of relations until the United States does not lift the embargo.

Although the US president has taken measures to relax the blockade, can not enact their own lifted. Only Congress can lift the embargo entirely.

The two presidents will meet tomorrow in New York, in what will be their second meeting since December 17, 2014 announced the beginning of the process to resume the relationship diplomatic.

Castro is since last Thursday in New York, where he is serving his first visit to the United States in more than five decades, and today speak for the first time before the General Assembly of the UN.

Source: Telam

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