Saudi Arabia: at least 453 killed by avalanche in Mecca

Saudi Arabia: at least 453 killed by avalanche in Mecca -

At least 453 people died in the day today after a flood of pilgrims near the Saudi city of Mecca [

As reported Civil Defense Asian country, also have 719 wounded so far. However the toll is not final, according to the agency EFE .

He also explained that their teams are separating agglomerations people and guiding them through alternative ways, and some 4,000 people are participating in the rescue operation with more than 0 ambulances and other vehicles.

There are about three million people involved in the Muslim rite traditional pilgrimage.

the avalanche occurred in the area of ​​Mina, located about 15 kilometers from Mecca at 07.05 local time (02.05 Argentina time).

the tragedy happened as worshipers were heading from their camps to where they should meet today with the ritual stoning of three pillars symbolizing the temptations of the devil, during the third day of the pilgrimage.

the walkers had returned from the nearby Muzdalifa where they spent the night and picked up pebbles launch the pillars of Satan.
This morning made the community prayer that marks the beginning of "Al Aid al Adha", or feast of sacrifice.

with this ritual, Muslims remember the sacrifice of Ibrahim (Abraham), who for the sake of Allah (God) offered, according to Muslim tradition, the life of his firstborn son Ishmael.

the avalanche today came after on June 11 at least 107 worshipers were killed and 238 were injured by falling crane inside the Grand Mosque of Mecca, where they end the rites of the pilgrimage.

the pilgrimage to Mecca is one of the five pillars of Islam, along with the "shahada" (profession of faith), almsgiving, prayer and fasting in the month of Ramadan.

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