Belgium on high alert against imminent terrorist threat

Belgium on high alert against imminent terrorist threat -

The government of Belgium this morning raised the maximum alert level Brussels before the fears of an "imminent threat" of attacks, media reported Belgian and French media.

the military installed their big trucks combat against the Stock Exchange, shopping malls and the Grand Place of Brussels, which can only be accessed after passing an exhaustive control including screening of bags and metal detectors.

the measure will affect partially transport, because no subway circulate today in Brussels, following the decision of the Crisis Center Belgian, this morning, to maximize the level of terror alert in the region, from 3 to 4, before the "imminent threat" of attacks.

the Society of Intercommunal Transport in Brussels (STIB) announced today the cancellation of the movement of subway lines, but not the bus, he said the situation will be evaluated each day.

Center Belgian Crisis had advised the Government of the Brussels region the interruption of the circulation meter in the whole network between Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 November.

According to the Center, it was important to spread the sooner the information of increased security alert "for everyone is informed this morning. "

at the administrative authorities of the 19 municipal districts of the Brussels region, the Crisis Center also advised them the cancellation of major events planned in their territories.

also were asked to carry out "a communication to the public" to places where there are often large presence of people are avoided.

they recommended further cancellation football matches of first and second division during this weekend, although not yet announced any decision.

other recommendations include avoiding airports and shopping centers and the population facilitate controls security.

"Do not spread rumors. Follow the official information from the authorities and police services, "said Crisis Center.

For the rest of the country remains in effect the alert level 3 high, which applies in cases of threat "possible and probable" and was adopted after the attacks in Paris.

the move comes less than a day after a jihadist group burst into a luxury hotel in Mali and caused the death of 27 people after a kidnapping of seven hours that ended the security forces of the State.

the operation to free 170 people, including employees and hotel guests, also killed two jihadi group Al Mourabitoun, who carried out the attack in collaboration with Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

the Belgian authorities decided yesterday to keep in prison three of those arrested in Brussels in the last week in connection with the attacks in Paris on 13, while the search continues for Abdeslam Salah, one of the suspected terrorists involved in the attacks

. Source: Telam

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