Austria stopped all trains to and from Hungary

Austria stopped all trains to and from Hungary -

Rail traffic from Austria to Hungary had to be discontinued today due to the "massive overload" train from this country carrying hundreds of refugees who want to come to Vienna and then continue their flight to Germany .

"the ÖBB (Austrian railways) must temporarily disrupting train traffic to Hungary due to massive overload trains from Hungary, "the company said in a statement.

in addition, they called for" volunteers and bus companies "to" stop to bring new travelers to railway stations network ".

The continuing influx of refugees from the border with Serbia , meanwhile, crowding more and more people in the Keleti Station Budapest, while the situation on the Serbian boundary was relatively relieved by the transfer of refugees in micros this morning.

But the Serb authorities migrations and indicated that today there was an influx record 5,000 people to the southern border of Hungary.

Serbia expects the number to grow as we approach the entry into force, on 15 September, the new immigration law Hungarian repressing imprisonment illegal immigration and installs the army at the borders, for which the Armed forces are already preparing.

the disruption affects not only trains to Hungary but also several regional connections to areas bordering that country. The state company said it is working to maintain a stable rail traffic.

Last morning entered Austria from Hungary about 3,000 refugees, who are being brought to stations in Vienna from to continue its journey.

the hundreds of refugees are arriving in addition to those already waiting at stations, overflowing both the capacity to accommodate them as of shipping by train to Germany.

"the strong influx of people in combination with the high number waiting at the stations to continue their journey beyond the capacity of trains available since early hours of the morning," explains the OBB in his note.

While still coming to Vienna more refugees from coming out, for now enabling special trains to Germany is not provided.

"we're doing everything we can, but not enough," admitted the spokesman OBB in a statement to the news agency APA released news agency EFE.

the situation is such that the company has asked to carry no more refugees to the Viennese stations since, otherwise, "can not guarantee an orderly development of the current situation."

the EFE news agency, quoting Caritas said expected that some 7,000 people passed today by the Western Railway Station Vienna.

Meanwhile, this morning had emptied the point of concentration of refugees Rotszke, in southern Hungary, thanks to a fast track transport of immigrants to other parts of the country.

Rotzske, where hundreds of refugees were stranded homeless and almost without health, had been the scene of successive leaks and violent corridas police, and even the intervention of a camerawoman who was tripping and kicking Syrian refugees fleeing.

delinquencies and selflessness of the Hungarian authorities gave today in part when from dawn today dozens of buses transported the stranded centers near record or the town of Vámosszabadi, 50 kilometers from Austria.

the Magyars authorities intercepted again yesterday more than 3,300 refugees who crossed the border illegally, a new record for a single day, which is likely to exceed today and grow in the coming weeks.

Hungarian and foreign humanitarian organizations, as well as many local volunteers try to alleviate waiting for refugees with food, water, blankets and tents.

Meanwhile, Hungarian media reported today that last night the chief of Staff of the Army of Budapest faced preparatory maneuvers for a possible deployment to defend the border and try to prevent entry refugees.

"If the army will be mobilized in the defense of the border, may only do so with trained soldiers," said Tibor Benko without elaborating.

the Hungarian Government submitted two weeks ago a bill which provides for the mobilization of the army to support the police in defending the border.

defense Minister, István Simicskó, who took yesterday his office after the recent resignation of its predecessor, assured that soon the surveillance of the border with up to 4,000 soldiers will be strengthened.

"send 3,000 or 4,000 troops to the border, including reservists," forward Simicsko before the Defence committee of the Hungarian Parliament.

Hungary has erected a fence along 175 kilometers of border with Serbia and is building a second taller and more robust barrier.

Furthermore, it is expected that 15 days into force legislation which provides prison terms for those who arrive in the country illegally.

early today, a Syrian refugee died after being run over on a provincial road linking southern Hungary Budapest, to where trying to reach .. walk from Roszke

According to local police, two other refugees were seriously injured in the same incident, which occurred in the dark of the night

Source: Telam

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