Greece again amid disenchantment vote

Greece again amid disenchantment vote -

Early elections are presented as the most competitive in the last 15 years, with all polls giving a tie between Syriza and ND , which would prevent the majority victory and force agree coalition government.

in Greece not share figures are given, but analysts suggest that there may be a high abstention due to the general disenchantment perceived in the street.

Two hours after the opening of polling stations, had voted mostly elderly, more early risers, he reported the news agency EFE .

"I certainly would not have voted and I think there will be many people either. why? they're all alike, are all clowns who tell us the same lies for years. they deliver a once the country to Germany and have the party in peace, "he said indignantly a taxi driver 42, who regretted not see future for him and his family.

Nothing in this occasion reminds the atmosphere that existed in January just eight months ago, when Syriza was the favorite of all surveys and finally touched an absolute majority.

Tsipras was then seen by many as the last hope to stand up to Europe and straighten the country.

Now just keep this aura, as became apparent at the time of voting.

Ten minutes after the announced time, Tsipras arrived at his polling station, where this time he expected a small group of supporters and a number of much less means than in the two previous appointments with the ballot boxes.

polling stations close at 19 pm (13 in Argentina) when disclosed surveys mouth urn.

the first official results will begin to release two hours later and it is estimated that at that time has been retold around 10%.

Towards the Greek midnight may be taken a more or less clear picture of the winner, as it will be scrutinized around 50% of the vote, but it depends on the parties that are close to 3%, the barrier to entry in Parliament.

If two or more parties that are close to this percentage, it may not be a definitive result until early Monday.

the advance of the elections, after only seven months in office of Tsipras, came after his resignation last month shortly after suffering a rebellion of the more radical wing of the party by the bailout deal with the European creditors of the country, the third since 2010, signed although a majority rejected it in a referendum just days before.

Source: Telam

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