The European Union agrees to relocate more than 0 thousand refugees

The European Union agrees to relocate more than 0 thousand refugees -

Interior ministers of European Union (EU) agreed to divide up "quickly" to about 32,000 refugees and reached another "general agreement" to resettle 0,000 more in countries of the bloc in two years, in a first modest sample of European coordination after weeks of control.

the EU looking how to deal with a barrage of more than 430,000 refugees in 2015, the interior ministers met to discuss two proposals from the European Commission on May 1, to be distributed to 40,000 refugees arrived in Italy and Greece, and another last week to resettle 0,000 more.

Regarding the first initiative, holders of the Interior of the 28-nation bloc meeting in Brussels, reached a consensus to resettle 40,000 refugees, though for now only guaranteed in practical terms 32,256 people, announced Foreign Minister of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn .

Asselborn, whose country holds the rotating presidency of the European Union (EU) this semester, adding that first relocations of refugees could start "quickly".

At a press conference after the meeting, the German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière announced that it had reached "a general agreement the relocation of the 0,000 refugees of both these proposals by the European Commission.

However, standing before reporters with his French counterpart Bernard Cazeneuve , the German minister added that the deal country's total of 0,000 people will be realized in another meeting of their peers on 8 October, the news agency EFE reported.

De Maiziere not cleared the doubts about how the division exactly will be done, taking into that several countries in the bloc adamantly deny that quotas are binding and only accepted to host a number of refugees defined by them, while others do not want to receive even one single.

However, he said that for Germany a condition to accept that agreement was that asylum seekers who are to be distributed come from registration centers, ie, that these people have had to be identified first and taken his fingerprints.

Similarly, a "specific timetable" for the establishment of centers records agreed, announced the German owner, while he said that today for the first time Greece said he was willing to establish one or more "of these centers, which will assist the UN agency for refugees, UNHCR.

Athens has stressed that need "financial support" for such registration centers, De Maiziere, an element contained in the document agreed today, he said added.

the European Commission, meanwhile, should he report within a week on the progress regarding those registration centers, how they are established and settled, continued the German minister.

also said that there will be additional support to countries in crisis regions and Turkey, although so far without specifying a prize, as well as supporting the creation of a list of safe countries of origin, including all Balkan states, but not Turkey:. "on Turkey should talk more," De Maiziere said

the ministers also give a "clear mandate" to the Commission to close agreements with countries of origin on the return of irregular migrants.
the political agreement reached today has been valued as an important first step by Germany, but the moment of truth will be seen in the implementation of the commitments, stressed the minister.

the French owner, meanwhile, insisted that control of external borders "strong and effective" is needed, and that the Frontex agency organized the return of those who are illegally on EU territory, because they are immigrants . economic

Regarding the registration center Cazeneuve said the goal is to serve to distinguish precisely between asylum seekers and irregular migrants

Source:. Telam

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