A plane crashed while taking off in South Sudan

A plane crashed while taking off in South Sudan -

At least 40 people were killed during a forced landing occurred Wednesday near an airport in South Sudan , according to the report by the news agency Reuters.

the fact ran shortly after the aircraft lifts off from the capital, Yuba . Eyewitnesses commented on local media who managed to visualize the time of the crash shortly after crossing the White Nile, about 800 kilometers from the capital's airport.

According to South Sudan Tribune which it is a cargo plane aN-12 was carrying five crew members and seven passengers Russian nationality. It is also estimated that about three people survived the landing, according to local chain Eye Radio Juba.

The number of fatalities could rise as the ship rushed over a populated area.

while Miraya radio, operated by the mission of UN in South Sudan, said in his official account of Twitter which, according to airport director Yuba only three people survived the accident

Source:. Telesur and El Confidencial

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